How To Fix WHM Temp URL 404 Not Found Or Not Supported Error?

You can use the temporary URL to verify your website before broadcasting it live. By default, the temp URL feature is deactivated in WHM. So when you try to run the domain using a temp URL without pointing it to server, you may receive an error like 404 not found or Not supported. In this article, we will learn to fix WHM temp URL 404 not found or not supported errors.

Example of temporary URL.

  • serveripaddress/~cpanelusername

Below are the steps to allow the temporary URL in WHM.

  1. Log in to the WHM Panel as the root user.
  2. Under Security Center, select Apache mod_userdir Tweak.
    whm apache modusr tweak
  3. Check the Enable mod_userdir Protection.
    apache modusr protection temp URL
  4. You will also need to check DefaultHost (nobody).
    apache modusr defaulthost
  5. Click on the Save button at the bottom of the page.

Now you can verify your domain with a temporary URL, which should work fine as we have Fix WHM Temp URL 404 Not Found error.

We allow temporary URLs in our shared hosting plans so you can check your website before pointing your domain to us.

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