How To Setup Database Map Tool From WHM Panel?

In WHM(Web Host Manager), the Database Map Tool allows you to assign ownership of databases and database users to specific cPanel accounts. This ownership is retained in the internal mapping of databases to users and will allow management of the databases from within the owner’s cPanel interface. Here, we will Setup Database Map Tool From WHM Panel.

Steps to setup Database Map tool from WHM Panel

  1. Login to the WHM Panel as root user.
  2. Under the SQL Services section, click on the Database Map Tool option.
    whm database map tool
  3. Select the cPanel user name for which you want to map the database.
    whm map tool select user
  4. Click on the Select button at the bottom of the page.
    whm database select cpanel account
  5. On the Next page, in the Database Users field, enter the database user name. You can enter multiple Data Base User names by separating each other with a coma.
  6. In the Database Name field, enter the database names. You can also enter multiple database names separated by a comma.
  7. Click on Submit Button to apply all the changes.
    whm dbuser map tool submit

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