How To Resolve “LOAD DATA INFILE Is Terminated With #1045 Access Denied” Error In cPanel Server?

MySQL can import data from external files such as CSV, Excel, or even SQLite databases into tables. The LOAD DATA INFILE statement allows you to load large amounts of data into tables without running multiple queries from remote sources into local database tables. Here, we will discuss about LOAD DATA INFILE Is Terminated With #1045 Access Denied” Error In cPanel and how to solve it.

This method can be very useful when importing massive amounts of data from external sources such as flat files, spreadsheets, XML documents, etc.

However, occasionally the command fails with common errors. If you get the error message Error Code: 1045. Access denied for user ‘user’@’localhost’, if the server thinks you are not authorized to perform the action. For instance, you might be using the wrong password or you might not have the required permissions.

Error 1045 occurs when the MySQL server encounters an unexpected condition while loading data from a file. In general, this means either that the database was not closed properly after being opened or that the user does not have sufficient clearances to access the specified file.

The latter case is quite likely if the file name or password includes spaces or special characters.
To resolve the issue, check whether the user has proper permission to read the specific file. If the file is located outside the MySQL installation directory, make sure that the user has appropriate privileges. If necessary, run the GRANT command in the mysql client program.

Check the below points to fix the error LOAD DATA INFILE is terminated with #1045 Access denied in the WHM/cPanel server

  1. The database username cpaneluser_database name exists with the DB_User_Password database you want to connect to.
  2. The user cpanelusername_database can connect to the database with the required permission.
  3. The user is allowed to connect from localhost.

Note: In WHM, reset the MySQL root user password for your account, which should be enough for you to resolve this issue.

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