KemuHost Affiliate Program: Terms and Conditions

The following terms and conditions will automatically apply to you when you sign up for the affiliate program provided by

Kindly read this agreement carefully before signing up and working as a KemuHost affiliate. Signing up for the program indicates your acceptance of this agreement and all the terms and conditions.

Terms & Conditions:

  1. You must have an active affiliate account in good standing.
  2. You are responsible for providing us with complete and accurate information while creating your account and keeping it up to date. The details include but are not limited to contact details and email, website URLs where you will promote KemuHost, promotion methods, sources, payment details, and any other details we ask for in the future. KemuHost reserves the right to ask for additional information regarding the practices you follow for promoting KemuHost, platforms where you share your affiliate links, traffic sources, a complete list/report of keywords you target for paid advertisement, and more. Failure to provide such details can result in termination or suspension of the affiliate account without payment and forfeiture of any commissions earned.
  3. You should act in good faith and refer genuine customers to us in good standing. A customer in good standing means that they provide accurate information while signing up, don’t flag for fraud risk, and have an active service as per KemuHost’s terms. An active account means the customer is actively using and paying for the service without canceling or being terminated/suspended because of not paying for the purchased service.
  4. You should not participate in any promotional activity or marketing method that might be unethical, black hat, or likely to attract customers who are not in good standing.
  5. You should not engage in any spammy SEO or link-building activity to promote KemuHost.
  6. You should not use any of KemuHost’s trademarks, logos, brand name, or any other property owned by KemuHost for your promotional activities without prior permission from KemuHost.
  7. You should not use cashback, rewards, coupons, or any other similar incentives to drive traffic/sales to your affiliate links.
  8. You should not use promotional methods, including coupons, vouchers, discount codes, cashback, or other added value, without KemuHost’s prior approval.
  9. You should be loyal to KemuHost, should not misuse our confidence, and shall not damage our reputation by any means.
  10. You should not bid on or use KemuHost’s trademark, brand name, or misspelled keywords for the purpose of running ads on any platform, including but not limited to Google, Bing, Yahoo, or other search engines, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, TikTok, or other social media platforms, YouTube, or any other website.
  11. You should not use KemuHost’s trademark, brand name, or misspelled keywords in your domain name.
  12. You are responsible for ensuring that your affiliate links, banners, ads, and other marketing materials are working properly with your tracking code. It will be your responsibility to ensure this before sending any traffic to KemuHost.
  13. You will be responsible for any modification you make to your affiliate link; affiliate commission will not be paid for any tracking errors caused by editing, redirecting, or tempering with the affiliate links.
  14. You should not engage in advertising and marketing sites that attract fraudulent or short-term customers.
  15. No commissions will be provided for domain registration/transfer, free web hosting, and SSL certificate orders.
  16. The cookie duration is 90 days, and the credit goes to the first affiliate.
  17. Your referred customer should have active service for at least 90 days. If the customer cancels the service within 90 days of the order date, you will not be entitled to the commission for that referral.
  18. KemuHost will not be liable for indirect or accidental damage or loss of commission due to affiliate link tracking issues or database loss.
  19. You will not be entitled to get the commission for self-referrals and orders placed by you. An affiliate referring to himself/herself or creating a new account and making payment from the existing account will be considered self-referral.
  20. Affiliate commission can only be earned by a new client referred through your unique affiliate link. An existing customer (any client with an existing account with KemuHost at any time) would not be eligible for the program.
  21. Once you have the minimum balance of $100 USD in your account, you can request a withdrawal. Once we receive the withdrawal request, we will perform the required procedure, and you will receive the commission in 30 days.
  22. You can withdraw your affiliate commission via bank transfer or directly get the amount credited to your WHMCS account.

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